Monday, May 4, 2020

The World's First Postage Stamp - Centenary

This week marks 180 years since the Penny Black was made available, and it's first day of use should have been 6 May 1840.    Now I know very little about Penny Blacks and they certainly don't fall into the category of Modern Postal History, so....?

On my main blog are a number of links to others.  These were all active when originally linked but some writers have fallen by the wayside - but their blogs remain.  So here is a good example of (reasonably) modern postal history from 1940, depicting usages of the Centenary set of 6.

If I can put my hands on them, I'll add some of my covers here later.

Great Britain Philately, written in 2012.

Red X Cover prepared for the 1940 Stamp Centenary Exhibition but used (apparently in 1943) by the Red X Churches Committee, with a red postage paid postmark.